Escape From New York – Dewey Decimal Fiction McQuay

I watched this on Sundance last night.  Memories.  I have two copies of this book in storage – I checked eBay to find out who wrote it and found the paperback going for 60 bucks.  Yikes!!!

I ordered my copies straight from the publisher in 1981.  Couldn’t find it in the store.  The first time I saw EFNY in the theater, I flipped.  I returned to the theater five times that week.  I dragged a friend to see it; we blew a tire on the way and I had to borrow a flashlight from a nearby homeowner.  We didn’t miss the opening. Whoo hoo!!!

Snake Plissken was probably the first movie badass I ever fell in love with.  If you EVER get a chance to see this movie, check it out.  It’s dated but it rocks!  The second one was a miserable mess; I really thought the writers would come up with something original.  No such luck.  It was a pathetic rehash of the first. 



Les Miserables – Dewey Decimal Fiction Hugo

Back at last.  I’ve had a new PC for about two weeks.  As usual, procrastination set in and I’ve been guilting myself daily until I created a nice little spot here at the kitchen table for blogging.  I don’t have my desk anymore because I bought a new one, gave the old one to a friend, and the new one is still in pieces in the garage because it’s so heavy and we’re all OLD here now and nobody has the upper body strength to carry it into the library.

Les Miserables is in storage; it’s a paperback and most of my paperbacks are in my Uncle Bob’s Storage container.  But this book had a profound effect on me.  I’ve got two tales associated with this astonishing piece of literature.

In high school, one teacher gave us a writing assignment:  What would you do with a million dollars?  I had just finished reading “Les Mis” and was dying to discuss it.  So I wrote an essay about how I would wander the Paris streets just like Jean Valjean.  I added other literary references as well; I had also just completed Crime and Punishment and Raskolnikov’s adventures figured into my essay as well.  I’m 99.999999% certain that Oliver Twist made the cut too. 

Needless to say, the teacher read the paper to the entire class and I was humiliated (but in a good way).  My teachers made a career out of underestimating me in high school.  I was a dork, read all the time and smoked a lot of pot.  But when I put pen to paper, they usually took notice.

The incident surrounding story number two took place back in the 80s.  Les Miserables, the musical, came to Columbus for the first time.  I was ecstatic!!!!  I bought tickets for both me and my best friend, Sarah, and we dressed up for the show, heels and all.  I parked a couple of blocks away from the Ohio Theater to save some bucks and on the walk to the theater, I stepped off an uneven curb and DOWN I went. I sprained my ankle big time, tore my dress, ripped my hose.  I switched shoes with Sarah and limped my way to the theater, dragged my sorry ass up to the nosebleed seats and made the most out of it.  I was NOT about to waste a hundred bucks on an accident. 

The nouveau riche of Columbus stared at me like the uncultured idiots that they were.  Not one person inquired about my condition or offered to help me up the stairs.  And I was in pain.  I tried not to cry too much, but Les Mis inspires tears anyway so I didn’t feel to awkward during the show.  I was also lucky enough to have an aisle seat so I could extend my leg into the aisle and alleviate my suffering. 

I’ve seen Les Mis twice since without incident.  But that first time – that will go down as one of my top 10 stories.

Bookmark – It’s decision time

My laptop is pretty much deceased.  So do I go the extra mile and replace it with as much as I can afford or what I SHOULD afford?  Microsoft just released their new Surface.  Looks nice and is getting great reviews.  Decisions decisions.  I’m off to Best Buy tomorrow to sample the toys.

Bookmark – my PC’s in the shop

I have access to a PC but I wanted to blog using my iPad to see how annoying it would be.  Please take note…using one finger, I take the time to use proper punctuation.  I HATE texting abbreviations.  I don’t think my brain is wired to read texts…I find myself pausing to decipher.  I wonder if this new “language” is somehow rewiring our brains.  Will children in 100 years be unable to read novels because the sentences are too dense?  I’m still looking forward to the plethora of texting-related health issues that we haven’t considered yet.  I remember when we all got our first laptops at work; within six months everyone was wearing wrist braces.  But no one will ever accuse mankind of thinking long term.  

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Dewey Decimal Fiction Adams

What a wonderful series.  For many years my lexicon included elements from this show.  Vogon poetry and Pangalactic Gargleblasters.  I discovered this series during my Doctor Who days.  I met Peter Davidson and his wife at a Doctor Who convention in Florida and had the pleasure of dining with them.  Such nice folks.  I’ll never forget that meal; I was so young and SO nervous to be dining with The Doctor; when our meal arrived (this was a convention so we were all served the same thing), I was horrified.  Ribs!!!!  How do you eat ribs like a lady????  My friends and I picked at them with our forks so that we didn’t appear too slovenly.  Ha ha.

In retrospect, Doctor Who “cons” were fun.  At the time, however, they were stressful.  You take ordinary “fans,” add the possibility of spending time with actors and the result can be annoying as hell.  Convention staff suffer from a condition I termed ESI or “Exaggerated Self Importance.”  Some people can’t handle the responsibility; I’ve seen friendships end over the sudden appearance of poor behavior.  Such a shame.

Actors are people too.  Especially Doctor Who actors who, in the scheme of things, aren’t all that big.  But fans are a breed of their own.  Stick one in front of his or hero and watch the sparks fly!  🙂

Jefferson Technical College 1979-1980 Bulletin

My alma mater.  Jeff Tech.  I kept the bulletins from  my two years there.  I paid for two years of technical school with the coin collection that my grandfather left me – two thousand dollars.  Now you’re lucky to get ONE CLASS for two thousand dollars. 

I learned Cobol and Basic and RPG.  I learned how to play Euchre.  Our class had a clique, there were about nine of us.  We played Euchre religiously.  Our professor had to come to the student lounge and drag us away from our game so that we could attend class. I remember my friend Kathy gave the card suits weird names:  Digging implements, Infantile canine metatarsals – I can’t remember the fancy “hearts” and “diamonds” names.  Old age sucks.

We OWNED that program our second year.  Dropouts were HIGH.  The Data Processing program started out with 61 students and graduated only 12.  It was WORK.  We ran the computer room, fought with the printers, helped the first year students.  Our programs were printed on cards, no shit.  You knew the DP students; they carried big boxes of computer cards under their arms.  PRAY you had a printout if you dropped your box because that was the only way to put your “program” back into proper order.

And we partied.  Jeff Tech, you see, is in Steubenville, Ohio.  I started at 17 and graduated at 19.  When I hit 18, we all hit the road, crossed the bridge over the Ohio River into West Virginia and went drinking.  In WV the drinking age was 18; in Ohio it was 21.  Hey, we’ve got the country’s best libraries – we did get SOME things right.

I still keep in touch with two of my Jeff Tech friends:  Kathy and Cheryl.  They both live in Columbus because there are NO jobs in Steubenville.  Nobody stays there, hence the popularity of Jeff Tech…which is now called Eastern Gateway Community College.  What an appropriate name.  It’s a “gateway” to ANYWHERE BUT STEUBENVILLE.  🙂


Bookmark – Doing the Dewey

Yes, I’m Doing the Dewey.  I always thought that was a cute phrase.

I’m organizing all the crap I learned at Kent State and adding it to my LibraryDiva wiki.  It’s my own personal Reference toolkit.

I was shocked that I managed to find a complete Dewey breakdown on the Internet.  OCLC has been so fussy about the Dewey since they bought it.  There used to be this amazing hotel in New York City close to the NYC Library.  The floors and rooms were organized in DDC order.  Naturally, OCLC didn’t want to enable anyone to profit off their product and put the kibosh on that.  The rooms are still library-themed, but I’m sure they’re careful not to step on OCLC’s toes.


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