Escape From New York – Dewey Decimal Fiction McQuay

I watched this on Sundance last night.  Memories.  I have two copies of this book in storage – I checked eBay to find out who wrote it and found the paperback going for 60 bucks.  Yikes!!!

I ordered my copies straight from the publisher in 1981.  Couldn’t find it in the store.  The first time I saw EFNY in the theater, I flipped.  I returned to the theater five times that week.  I dragged a friend to see it; we blew a tire on the way and I had to borrow a flashlight from a nearby homeowner.  We didn’t miss the opening. Whoo hoo!!!

Snake Plissken was probably the first movie badass I ever fell in love with.  If you EVER get a chance to see this movie, check it out.  It’s dated but it rocks!  The second one was a miserable mess; I really thought the writers would come up with something original.  No such luck.  It was a pathetic rehash of the first. 



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