Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Dewey Decimal Fiction Adams

What a wonderful series.  For many years my lexicon included elements from this show.  Vogon poetry and Pangalactic Gargleblasters.  I discovered this series during my Doctor Who days.  I met Peter Davidson and his wife at a Doctor Who convention in Florida and had the pleasure of dining with them.  Such nice folks.  I’ll never forget that meal; I was so young and SO nervous to be dining with The Doctor; when our meal arrived (this was a convention so we were all served the same thing), I was horrified.  Ribs!!!!  How do you eat ribs like a lady????  My friends and I picked at them with our forks so that we didn’t appear too slovenly.  Ha ha.

In retrospect, Doctor Who “cons” were fun.  At the time, however, they were stressful.  You take ordinary “fans,” add the possibility of spending time with actors and the result can be annoying as hell.  Convention staff suffer from a condition I termed ESI or “Exaggerated Self Importance.”  Some people can’t handle the responsibility; I’ve seen friendships end over the sudden appearance of poor behavior.  Such a shame.

Actors are people too.  Especially Doctor Who actors who, in the scheme of things, aren’t all that big.  But fans are a breed of their own.  Stick one in front of his or hero and watch the sparks fly!  🙂


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