Jefferson Technical College 1979-1980 Bulletin

My alma mater.  Jeff Tech.  I kept the bulletins from  my two years there.  I paid for two years of technical school with the coin collection that my grandfather left me – two thousand dollars.  Now you’re lucky to get ONE CLASS for two thousand dollars. 

I learned Cobol and Basic and RPG.  I learned how to play Euchre.  Our class had a clique, there were about nine of us.  We played Euchre religiously.  Our professor had to come to the student lounge and drag us away from our game so that we could attend class. I remember my friend Kathy gave the card suits weird names:  Digging implements, Infantile canine metatarsals – I can’t remember the fancy “hearts” and “diamonds” names.  Old age sucks.

We OWNED that program our second year.  Dropouts were HIGH.  The Data Processing program started out with 61 students and graduated only 12.  It was WORK.  We ran the computer room, fought with the printers, helped the first year students.  Our programs were printed on cards, no shit.  You knew the DP students; they carried big boxes of computer cards under their arms.  PRAY you had a printout if you dropped your box because that was the only way to put your “program” back into proper order.

And we partied.  Jeff Tech, you see, is in Steubenville, Ohio.  I started at 17 and graduated at 19.  When I hit 18, we all hit the road, crossed the bridge over the Ohio River into West Virginia and went drinking.  In WV the drinking age was 18; in Ohio it was 21.  Hey, we’ve got the country’s best libraries – we did get SOME things right.

I still keep in touch with two of my Jeff Tech friends:  Kathy and Cheryl.  They both live in Columbus because there are NO jobs in Steubenville.  Nobody stays there, hence the popularity of Jeff Tech…which is now called Eastern Gateway Community College.  What an appropriate name.  It’s a “gateway” to ANYWHERE BUT STEUBENVILLE.  🙂



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